Sit still, don’t move

Light winds are difficult. La Promesse does not need much wind to get her going. If from the tight angle we can even sail faster than true wind knots. But it needs handsteering, patience and thus my son. I’m proud of how he manages to get everything out of the situation. Sailchanges without loss of speed are his credo. He is definitely a better sailor than I am. With a lot more technical knowledge about sailtrim.
It is funny to see how he is used to sailing fully crewed around the cans where many things are done with more hands and for one day or more days during an event.
I bring some shorthanded sailing experience for longer distance sailing. When singlehanded for example, I bare away and ease the main sheet a bit to create a safer and dryer foredeck to prepare for a sailchange. Saves energy, less risk for fuck ups and less soken wet back in the cockpit.
Sailing dualhanded is a mix of both. Works fine for us. For a tack or gybe we don’t wake the other if asleep. For sailchange or setting a reef we agreed upon ‘all hands on deck’.
Floris likes the idea of singlehanded racing. Same challenge as what made me do it for the first time in 2006. It is a real pleasure to sail with him.
As it will be in two weeks with Wouter back to the Acores. This blog will be continued for those who are interested.
For know, last miles weigh heavy. With the taste of a cold beer and hot burger in our minds and mouth. Wind should become more southerly and 10 kts should remain. Fingers crossed. 75 nm to go. Less than 4 times Enkhuizen – Makkum.

JanKees & Flo

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