Time flies…

…when having fun. Today is just another day at the office. Beating. For the next 24 hours. Tuesday end of day a fresh northerly breeze should carry us down and in the direction of Newport.

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Diner being seeeerved!!

Penne Bolognese with Parmesan. From Adventure Menu dot com. Better than the average Italian pizzeria in town. Watching The Office. US version. LOL.

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Good exercise

…. in patience. Zen. Relax. Enjoy. Meditation. All true. The ocean is blue. So is the sky. But we were racing and therefore a bit irritated. That’s why.
Beautiful spot whales in front of us. Blowing their fontains. Minor repairs done. But tired and agitated of the windless conditions. In 5 kts of headwind La Promesse can do 3.5 kts of boatspeed. That’s the good news. It is going to be another busy night.
Floris & JanKees

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No wind.

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……high pressure cell with little winds to deal with today. Means lot of work to keep her going. This is like IJsselmeer sailing at home.

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Out of energy…..

No. Not is. We still have plenty of energy!
In these very light to what-wind?!? conditions our Watt&Sea hydrogen cannot keep up with our energy usage and thus we have to use the engine to charge batteries. The good thing is that since sunday we have been able to generate all energy green. No engine needed. That is a big relief compared to the past where I had to run best friend Ruggerini for 1,5 hour, twice a day at 6am and 6pm.
In last winters refit we changed to Mastervolt lithium and Watt&Sea hydrogen. Very happy so far.
We also installed a separate start battery (osr ruling). And that battery now proved to be uncharged. Empty. Oops.
Luckily, the system is designed with an emergency switch that enables us to switch from lithium system to start battery in case of failure of the lithium system. The start battery gives us time to continue using the primary systems on board (auto pilot, gps and nav). But the switch can also work the other way round; if the start battery proves to be empty we can use the lithium to start the engine.
Safed by the good design and thinking by ShipSupport (remember? Best kept secret in the world).

It is cold here and getting colder. Coming closer to the Labrador current that brings cold water (and ice) from the north and the northerly winds.
Wearing 2 layers, socks and hats in our dons sleeping bags in our bunk. An additional layer and foul gear when up or out.

Weather is difficult with multiple light wind areas to navigate trough. Difficult patterns ahead for the coming days. Bur we are happy that we move again in a westerly direction to Newport. Waiting for a windshift in our favor.

Although no complaints about our dry food, do we miss GeertjeMarije’s vegetarian nasi! 😍

From La Promesse with love,

Flo & JanKees

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From 50kts to zero. No wind, no puff, no nothing. Fighting to keep La Promesse going. Handsteering. 0.9 1.1 1.3 Spinnaker up. Spinnaker down and zero up. Zero down code5 up. Better. Flatter. 2.0 1.8 2.3
Floris yelling ‘I am not f…..ng sleeping before we do at least six kts again’ Back to 1.4 again. Mindf…ng.

This spot of light winds was predicted in gribfiles. Couldn’t avoid it. Routing helped define the right path but also predicted couple of ours 0-5 kts. Let’s hope that some little puff or tiny breeze kicks in when sun goes down.

Positive thing is that in the middle of this frustration we had a chance to dry somme gear and pillows on deck in a weak but warm sunshine. And we put al our sikaflex around the mastfood to hopefully stop leaking.

Now preparing warm meal. With canned fruit as ‘dessert for difficult moments’. This is one of them.

Floris & JanKees

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Having fun sailing with my son.

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No Show

We ordered some chips and cola with the Getir app. No one showed up. ☹️

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Quiet in there

So with the smallest sail setup, triple reefed main and stormjib, in stormforce winds at a brutal violent sea (9-11m) we sailed up to the centre of the low; the eye. Coming closer winds decreased and we could unreef step by step till full main and genoa. In the eye itself it was calm with 7-11/15 knots of wind. Even a calm sea. We had the main slamming. A very surreal experience. As if we had entered some secret room or so. It took us the whole night to cross. Waiting for this windshift signaling the other side of the low centre. And from there the wind picked up and so did Neptune. We are now coming down sailing at 12-14 kts over ground. Had coffee, bacon eggs and cheddar. Too wet to be outside. Floris teaching his daddy the ins and outs of routing. We miss Aapie and its boss!
With love from the Nord Atlantik.
Floris & JanKees

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