Boom boom!

Short update from Porto airport. We shouldn’t be here before next monday 15 on our return flight from Ponte Delgada to Amsterdam. But here is what happened.

Surfing in ideal conditions, 35 knots NE, on a rough sea we build an average speed of 10.51 knots over ground (!) for hours. Peaking 21.9 knots boatspeed running down one of these mountaneous waves. La Promesse at her best. Stable. Easy steering. Dry. Blue sky. Sun. Paradise.

When wind and sea kept building and to prevent saildamage we decided to put a second reef in. After we’d changed gennaker for genoa couple of hours before.
We couldn’t get the sail down running down wind. So had to turn windward, put the reef in and turn back. In that manoeuvre, done so many times, we were hit by a next big wave that smashed the boat on her side, made the boom touch water and snap. 😡😫😩😤😡

Impossible to repair. No alternatives to set main. So we retired from the race and headed for Spain/Portugal coast. Took us 40 hours beating into NE 30knots and heavy seas to reach Vigo.

We’ve cleaned up the boat and organised repairs to be done in the following weeks. Dissapointed about the race. But happy with the superb sailing we’ve done.

Thanks to those that have helped us!
And till next adventure.

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Steering Committee IMN:424408710 REF:461859

La Promesse

Seatalk network error is the last message your waiting for.
“Return the sender address unknown” did not work.
So were we handsteering and having a meeting to discuss alternatives. Everyone was present; Ernst Jan (first steer) and me (captain). We decided to press some plugs and cables while praying out loud. “Jesus Christ, Allah Ahkbar, Johan Cruijff”, we called th
em all. And guess what? We hadn’t spoken out his name yet and the seatalk signal came on again! Johan Cruijff! Logisch!

After this succes, the steering committee, also fully attended by two, has send out a clear message to all passengers on board to give all seatalk equipment a wide berth and treat with the deepest respect.

Making good progress. Peaked 20.9 knots. Lost 1 hour and some 10 nm yesterday trying to get Murphy and his law overboard.
The halyard from the karver hook had chaved (jesus, beginner!) trough its cover. we were very lucky that we could still release the hook without going up and down the mast in these conditions. But on the way down the cover stropped up and blocked. Hoist a l
little again and pull the cover off from the low end. It took us 40 minutes to get the bird caged down below.
Setting the first reef the lazy jack got stuck in one of the mainsail cars. And so on. Can’t tell everything or I’ll be picked up by heli. hahaha.

Now chasing the pack again. Feels a little bit handicapped but after some good sleep in racing spirits again. Ideal conditions for Class40 to max their speed and proof design differences. But the race is far from over yet!
The bottle is ours!

JK & EJ (aka all committees on board)

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Murphy IMN:424408710 REF:351850

La Promesse

Halyard broken. Murphy on board.
Under 1 reef and gennaker on spare halyard.
Wind increasing. 18.7 kts clocked.
Soken sweat.
Rice Sateh.
1 hour lost…..


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Innovation IMN:424408710 REF:268606

La Promesse
48.29N 008.10W
SOG 8.6 COG 256

The Rhumbline is dead downwind.
Fast boats that can fly a spinnaker or asym spinnaker with the large tops are in favour. Like Croix du Sud and Hayai as well as Cariberia that sail deeper at same speed.
We don’t have such spinnaker but only gennakers that require larger angles and with this wind is just don’t make up. (is this english? I’m sure you’ll understand).

We’re waiting for the wind to come so we can pull the throttle and see if we can close in. With some 1.000nm to go there are a lot of possible scenarios…

Reasonable start yesterday. Windy, 1 reef and genoa.
Pasta Bolognaise for dinner. Bacon, egg, toast this morning. Sun is burning. Both EJ and I had more than enough sleep.

25kts or more from east is welcome.

Cheers JanKees

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We gaan weer op pad!
Zon en minder wind. Lekker ontbeten.
Goed gemutst.
Het is namelijk nog wel fris.

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This was the post on Tuesday. Day two (2) of the race!

Since the fleet left Cowes on Monday morning, the wind speed across the entire course has barely dropped below 25 knots and reports of over 40 knots of wind have been recorded by many competitors. The conditions have provided a full-on, proper wild ride but that has taken its toll with three retirements with all crew safe. The crews of Grey Power, Concise 8 and Cat Phone are all ashore and in good health. Austen Clark’s Class40, Arwen, has not officially retired but the yacht is safely tied up in Great Yarmouth and competitors on the race course have relayed that all of the crew are fine. Stella Nova has also retired from the race after sustaining structural damage after hitting a large wave. They are returning towards the Dutch Coast trying to protect the boat against any further damage. The coastguard are aware and keeping in close contact with the boat. The crew are all well.

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Onderbroek IMN:424408710 REF:248528

eindelijk! Een hele dag in onderbroek aan dek.
Mooie nacht met een rustige koelte van achter. Kraakheldere sterrenhemel. Man, man, man wat een sterren en stelsels. Land’s End strak gerond.
Lange wacht gehouden van 21 tot 06 met 3 zeilwissels.

Vandaag overdag tijd voor wat klussen. Daar worden Boosmannen blij en vrolijk van. Toch, Jurrien!? En het is fijn om er een Boosman bij te hebben want die kunnen echt alles.
Zo heeft pa Boosman op de Little Sarah eens een lekkende waterpomp van de generator (meen ik) gerepareerd. Zoon Bart zoekt uit waarom het laden van de accu’s niet gaat zoals het doorgaans gaat. Er blijkt een draad afgebroken aan de 24V alternator (dynamo).
En dus wordt er bij gebrek aan een nieuw draadschoentje, het oude vakkundig schoongemaakt, vertint en een nieuwe verbinding gesoldeerd.
Na een uurtje werk zit alles weer en kan er worden geladen en zijn de regelaars fijn afgestemd.

Ik houd mij intussen bezig met de compexer klussen als het naaien van de netting waarin het grootzeil op de giek wordt opgevangen. Als het smeren van alles wat gesmeerd kan worden en het afdichten van de nieuw bevestigde schoot- en valzakken. Wie snapt dit nog?

De Tonijn op toast komt weer langs. Aangevuld met dikke plakken Cheddar met verse ui.

We roepen de Taagborg aan. Een vrachtschip waarvan Bart 3 jaar lang de nieuwbouw heeft geleid van ontwerp tot bouw tot in productie. De kapitein vind het de normaalste zaak van de wereld om Bart hier nu op zee in een zeilbootje tegen het lijf te lopen. En z ij hebben een gesprek als bij de koffieautomaat. Mooie wereld.

Nog 247 nm naar Nieuwpoort. Maar wel afkruisen. Wordt ergens zaterdag.

Ahoy pipeloy!

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