Extended menu

Wind and sea decreased over this morning. Our cook declared the extended menu available again. Eggs with bacon and Cheddar on top. ‘Fresh’ bread. Very nice relief brunch after two days with lesser appetite. Cappuccino and, ta ta ta ta tataaaaa, dessert: Haribo Starmix!
We are closing in on the top of the low and are positive about rounding on top. If the more miles pay out is to be seen in the coming days and weather system development.
We discussed the challenge it must have been for Chicester cum suis to do this type of sailing in their. boats and without the super sophisticated foul gear and instruments we have nowadays. Deep respect!
We threw Craigie (our watt&sea hydrogen) overboard on sunday afternoon and have the batteries not seen under 99%. It just charges.
In showers wind picks up to 30kts gusting and after the rain has passed decreases back to the 20’s before.
Seastate from very rough decreased to more moderate now. Good opportunity to clean up some mess and ‘take a shower’ Floris & JanKees

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Shaken, not stirred

When riding a storm and sail in rough conditions keep drinking. Ayai, captain! Cappucino’s ready!
Who needs a shower anyway?
Floris & JanKees

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Have you ever seen….

…..a submarine with sails on? We do! Better, we sit in one. Back to double reefed main and staysail awa90. Tons of massive water flush La Promesse. Mother nature is excited. Neptune seems angry tossing us around with his three-fork (is that an english word?). Now bailing out buckets full of water from bow and aft compartments.
Spirit strong. Mostly in our bunks. Closing in on the centerpart of this weather system.
If someone could just another program on the washing machine…no too hot (20deg will do), mostly blue coloured with yellow (like the sun).. No shipping. No animals.
Just Floris and Jankees

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Tough, rough and enough

Huge seas and lot of wind. It’s tough on board. Dried abricots. Make sure we drink enough. Wind should decrease a little bit early morning wednesday. In our bunk. No animal life seen yet besides the beautiful stormbirds. 💪⛵️🇾🇪

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rare sport

We varen nu onder stormfok en 3e rif. Telkens de goed call gemaakt voor: rif1, rif2, stagfok, rif3, stormjib. Apparent tussen 45 en 55 kts. Dat is wat ie meet. Nu rustig op roer en koers. Windhoek van 130. Uitschieters nog steeds naar 16, 17 sog. Tussen t douchen door in onze bunk. Rare sport!

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Lots of wind

Leaving Ireland to starboard and almost the continental shelf behind. Heading NW with southerly winds increasing to gale force tonight. We hope to ride these winds till the end and come down south again with favourable wind angles. Spirit is good. We try to get some sleep because tonight and tomorrow will be tough. Jankees & Floris

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Last bits and pieces from the supermarket. Fresh fruit, carrots, bananas, apples, …. Been out for a sail on Plymouth sound. Checked the startline. Ready to go.

Check this video from the BBC news yesterday.

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Although still a couple of days to go it looks like a downwind start. Great! Getting more and more ready in Plymouth. Installed new Karver furler for the code0. Not happy with the older one. Top down furling. Works much better. “Get into you cage!!” And gone she is.

Sunday at the start

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tack, tack, tack…gybe, gybe

Good exercise today and night. Sailing in a gentle breeze under stars and bright moon. One asleep. One typing. Max first in first Miami gp. Having fun. 50nm to Plymouth.

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The fox of Portsmouth

Sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it? Last night I woke up from steps on deck and a jump in the cockpit. An intruder in Hassler Marina???

Yes, an intruder. But a cute one (I think). This fox jumped on every boat to check if the owner had left it properly; tidied and locked. Or she was looking for left-overs. Could be true as well.

She jumped at the boat behind us. But this huge motor vessel was just too high……

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