Tracker overboard IMN:424408710 REF:876208

This afternoon in taking out a reef we lost our Yellowbrick racetracker. We did a man overboard routine immediately but couldn’t find the thing back. All is right here.
Good breeze from the wrong direction we’re beating up to Lamba Ness and the Muckle thing.
Another 56 nm before the roundabout where we’ll take the first left (UK remeber).

Please follow tracking information on under Links & contact.

Ahoy JanKees & Bart

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And the proof is… IMN:424408710 REF:775103

…. in rounding Muggle F(l)ugga.
After such a flying start and run towards Peterhead in 48 hrs the 150nm beating upwind towards Lamba Ness and Muckle Flugga is testing morae. Boat just tacked without any order to do so.
As I was getting ready for keeping watch.
And so ruined myy fresh made coffee.
As to mention an example.
Wind is much less but a confused sea is till in place which makes sleeping difficult. BANG!
Nonetheless, we are sailing in beautiful waters. Clear sky with clear moonlight. And rains of falling stars.

Had a large group of fifteen or so Dolphins playing around the boat yesterday afternoon.
Intelligent animals. I’m sure that when they come up alongside the cockpit they see you and at least hear my whistle. They lasted for more than half an hour. Swimming ahead of the boat, underneath, staboard, jump, underneath, port, jump. As if they were wav
ing. If we were not in a race, I would have jumped in and joined them for the game!

with laughter from 60nm SE off Fair Isle,

Bart (Zzzzzt) & JanKees
La Promesse

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Famous IMN:424408710 REF:597344

Bart Boosman’s famous omelette (breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, whenever) 1. onions
2. onions
3. Red Leicester (cheddar)
4. eggs
5. peper & salt
6. onions

The cooking is acrobatics. But, both Bart and I, prefer shaken. Not stirred.

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Study IMN:424408710 REF:580848

Edinburgh on port side.
Reef in reef out.
Ballast in, ballast out.
Bunk in, bunk out.

Even been under double reefed main and staysail.
Morale fair to good.
Breakfast imminent.
Coffee soon.

Outlook for the next 24 hours:
See if we can go trough the low center and pick up other flow than NW. Prepare for a bit of beating and hammering.
Sssssjjjjtt, Bart sleeps.

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Tough IMN:424408710 REF:431025

….. it is.
Seriously tough.
Sea seems outrageous.
Crossed Arwen this morning just as their spinnaker halyard broke. Spectacular sight but pity and trouble and a lot of work for their crew. They surprised us with a dead down wind course under spi.

We’re carrying one reef and staysail. Doing 9-11kts over ground AWA 65deg. 280nm to Peterhead.

Outlook of WNW7 and even N later is a bit scary.
For that leg we wish we’d stepped on an 80 foot Wally.
With a library and a dryer.

We’re fine. Good watch and sleeps.
Pasta Bolognese, Rice Cashew and Cruesli for Breakfast.

JanKees & Bart

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Jerry Freeman learned that one first has to finish to finish 1st.
Difficult enough to keep all parts
together in rough weather of today.
First retirements due to damagr are a
pity. We’re glad we could repair ours.

Under code0 in Gull Stream off Ramsgate.

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Zoom in for our professional patch.
Dungeness. 42kts true gusts in 35 fresh sustained.


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Jankees Lampe’s Open 40, La Promesse, is revelling in the downwind conditions. The other half of the Dutch Two-Handed team is Bart Boosman, who was shouting for joy at the Skippers’ Briefing when he heard that the course was being reversed. La Promesse is trucking along, averaging over 15 knots, leading IRC One and the Two-Handed Class and fourth in IRC Overall.

See sevenstar site

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La Promesse – About IMN:424408710 REF:279690

…. the repairs.
We smashed down and had to release all sheets to get her up her pumps again. 2nd spreader punched a hole in the main. Just too late with the main sheet and steer correction.
Code0 furled.
First reef in main.
Code0 up again.
Time to make this final plan that we carried out:
Code0 furled.
Genoa up.
Main down.
Wrestle trough 80m2 main to find the hole.
Dry the cloth, ungrease.
Glue patches on (both sides).
Thanks for this super strong and sticky repair cloth, Ian!

Main is up again.
Doing an average SOG of 12+kts with peaks of 20+ on gps.

2 baguettes, well deserved; Prawns/Brie (Bart) and Gruyere/Tuna (JanKees).

Bumpy start.
Lesson learned;
1. lee of Wight
2. should have set one reef in the lull of No Man’s Fort

Spectacular sailing now on huge waves!

BTW Floris, we haven’t seen any Opti’s here yet.

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Knock down doing 22kts.
Main sail repaired.
All ok.
Chasing again.
Should be footage from heli on sevenstar site soon.

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