We brushed our teeth, mama! Don’t you worry!
Showers, showers, showers. Submarine. Everything is wet or damp.
But we are in a good mood. A bit of sunshine and a little less rough sea are welcome.

Haribo helps. It is the Ducttape for moral.

Salt hug from Wouter & JanKees

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Breakie breakie

We called a MSC huge containership on VHF.

“Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe, this is sailingvessel La Promesse, over”

“La Promesse this is Ivanhoe, go ahead”

“Ivanhoe this is La Promesse, good evening captain, we are sailingvessel La Promesse, approximately 1.5 mile on your port bow. We will maintain our course and wondered if you could change your course to port so we pass starboard – starboard, sir?”

“La Promesse this is Ivanhoe, we checked our radar and that is no problem. We will change course to port and pass starboard – starboard”.

“Thank you captain, good watch!”

En zo geschiedde. Haha. Dat was leuk en het voelt goed als je zo’n reus een ommetje kan laten maken. We hebben gezwaaid om te bedanken.

We zijn ervan overtuigd dat de kapitein van de Ivanhoe ( zoek t schip maar eens op) blij was met dit verzetje op een anders hele saaie reis!?

Wouter & JanKees, over en uit. Back to sixteen.

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Acores here we come

Too rough the ride. High and higher speeds. We fell off waves regularly. From one reef and genoa to double reefed and staysail. Average over last 6 hours is 11,5 kts. Maybe not the fastest but definitely a more relaxed and (bit) more comfortable course. Not a race although I miss GeertjeMarije and Alou. Less than 1.500nm to go. If we can keep up the average we do 250nm p day.

Switched Raymarine off and on to get rid of an annoying alarm showing no gps data. Seems to have worked. Fingers crossed. Although it has no effect on the autopilot an audible alarm can drive you crazy. I asked wouter to hide the hammer.

Good sleep last night. Seven hours with only 5 min breaks every one hour. Bunks are too hot. Only in our underpants on top of the sleeping bag.

Breakfast with…..eggs, bacon, cheddar. Coffee. Hot chocolate.

Beautiful birds come by.
Wouter doing some maintenance.
Hydrogen keeps batteries at 99%. We’ll do two transat’s close to zero co2 emission. 💪⛵️

Ocean is 5.279 metres deep.

From deep blue with love,

Wouter & JanKees

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Slamming, beating

Waiting for the wind to shift sw. Couple of hours suffering to go. 39.37.320n 62.28.830w
1.780nm to go.

Wouter & JanKees

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39.54.619n 64.45.387w

One reef, genua, 8.7 sog, awa 30

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for the Rough and Tough

….. moments we have this white ‘first-ate’ kit.

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Caran d’ache

…….. ocean is 4.215 metres deep. As blue as the marin blue-est pencil in your caran d’ache (I mean the one with Matterhorn on it) pencil box. Too hot in the bright yellow sun under blue sky. We are in our underpants. And t-shirt to prevent becoming a burger. In the warm gulfstream.

Lots of Dolphins again last night and a big fish sort of thing we couldn’t recognize. Came to the surface and only partly out of the water couple of times. Not too high and had two fins that looked like sort elbows. For sure no Dolphin. Too small we think for a Whale. Turtle?

Very little winds during the night kept us at work. Now doing a reasonable 8.5 sog again. Weatherforecast shows more carrying winds for the coming days.

Launched Wouter’s drone and made nice footage and pictures.

In the boat even hotter. Pffft! 😥Big difference with the more northern route. 🥶

40.05.639n 65.49.249w

Egg, bacon, cheddar. Bananas, Nectarines. Cappucino, chocolate (hot no cream)

Wouter & JanKees

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drone testing

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…. here we come. 2.100 nautical miles (1.852m). Nice start with carrying winds that pushed us trough the day and night. And today again. Warm, sunny spells.
Sadly, our little bird has not survived. Eaten some of the bread. Poept. But finally died. We gave her a seamans grave. After I’d spoken a few words.

Fourteen dolphins playing around the boat. Lying on deck with our heads trough the stanchions we tried to touch their back. Nice footage.

Weather forecast for now shows mostly carrying winds and a fast trip to Sao Miguel.

41.02.918n 67.55.117w. I think you can punch these numbers in google maps and see where we are hiding.

Wouter & JanKees

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