Salto and a screw

We are on E-mission. These light wind patches killed our attempt to cross without using the Ruggerini for charging batteries. With a boatspeed of 7 knots the hydrogen keeps up with our energy usage.
Now we run the Ruggi for the seventh time or so. I remember we discussed the amount of petrol to take with us. Ten litres to be able to motor in and out the harbour? Thirty litres to have some reserve for charging batteries in light conditions? What if we loose the hydrogen and have to charge everyday? We decided to accept that risk and took thirty-somewhat. No reserve jerrycan.

Compared to the past it is a huge improvement. But for now the noise is annoying.

Our estimated time of arrival is …. Pffft…. Who knows.
Passed a dead whale corpus with numerous birds sitting on it.
Saw a tuna? dolphin? jump high out of the water, make a salto and a screw and dive back in. Our points: 8.0 8.0 9.5. She leads the scoreboard for now.

Floris & JanKees

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