Burger dreams

It’s a tough last couple of miles. One more freeze dried bla bla. Burger and halibut in our dreams. The many light winds and the pretty strong upbeats in the last 1.000 miles take too many time. Even daddy’s singlehanded record from 2009 will remain a pain in the ass in our sail discussions at home. 😜

But we look forward to finish tomorrow morning in the early hours. I’ll hug Wouter. Hug Wouter again. And again. Get customs done. Shower and have a decent huge rogue everlasting breakfast. Do they have enough chickens and a pig for the huge scrambled egg roundabout with bacon Floris is gonna order?

Wouter!, here we come! Prepare for a daddy hug! All the way from AMS to see us finish.

Floris & JanKees

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