Hundredandsixteen square metres

…..crispy new sailcloth in blue out of our control. The Code0 started unfurling while hoisting in 20-25kts of wind winding the (double) tackline 23 times around itself. Everything stuck in the middle of the hoist. While lowering the flapping bird a brutal move of the boat swept her over the rail where she caught water and changed into a sea anchor. Houston we have a problem. Failure is not an option.
We turned the boar into the wind to stop her and started pulling the huge m…..f….r on deck. With the genoa and sheets slamming and going up and down in the rough sea the foredeck was not the place to be.
Anyone, who has ever had to pull a spinnaker or colored canvas from the wat knows how heavy that is. None of us would have been successful alone. But together we managed to get all cloth on deck and trough the hatch down below. Together with a lot of water.

Pfffftt! Heaviest work till now. Soken wet. Cold en with flat accu each, Floris and I (for sure) needed warm coffee and dry layers first to recover from this ridiculous exercise.

Now under Code5 and plan ready to hoist the unfurled 116m2 tissue again somewhere tonight in lighter conditions.

Expected finish tomorrow (wednesday) end of day.
189 nm to go.

Floris & JanKees

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