Mjum mjum

…that tastes good! Last night we scored the best dry food meals we ate so far. At a scale of 5(best); trademark, dish, score. There we go:

– 24 hour meals, Chicken Massaman, 5 (good reason to buy a boat or climb Mt Everest)
– Adventure menu, Penne Bolognese m parmesan, 5 (serve it on a dish and everyone will belief that ‘Nonna from Milano’ has made it fresh today)
– Turmat, Tikka masala, 5 (respect! After dinner we put a red dot on our foreheads with a permanent marker 😱) – Lio Food, Tikka masala, 4 (second best, no red dot)
– Adventure menu, Pork rib with potatoes, 3 (‘Schweinfilet mit Kartoffeln’ sounds like Austrian wintersport menu. Fitted perfectly in the temperatures here)

Twix, Mars, Snicker. Haribo (Hans Riegel aus Bonn), Chips, BellaVita (good morning and sesame crackers), etcetera.

Mjum mjum, we’d say!

Floris & JanKees

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