We had a nice conversation with a fisherman from Nova Scotia fishing on the banks here. At channel 10 we talked for half an hour about sailing, fishing and the Dutch flag he was flying because his grandma was from Utrecht. He wanted to know everything about our race and how we managed to sail non stop for so long on such a small boat from UK to Rhode Island. “You want fish? I have fresh Halibut for you!”, he offered. “Wow! Delicious man, but we’re racing. Can’t stop”. He told us that two of his sons are part of the crew and that the 6 days at sea were just doable together. “Good to hear that you two get along so well! Haha!”
They got a good catch and will head home to Nova Scotia tomorrow after a week of fishing.
It sounds like one of the scenes from Perfect Storm, the movie. Or an episode of The Deadliest Catch, a serie we like to watch.

Upwind sailing again and for the remainder of the course so it seems. Coming closer to Newport we fantasize about a long warm shower, decent meal (huge steak or burger (Halibut for me)) and normal clothes. But first of all; a cold beer at the finish. To celebrate arrival. Who will bring us one?

Cheers, from the grand banks with love,

Floris and Jankees

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