Recovery and some repairs

We had to recover from a heavy night beating and slamming. La Promesse weighs nothing (for 40 foot) with 4.000 kg ready at the startline. Smashing or falling off waves make loud bangs. Inside is one big drum.
But today was fine. We are now under full main and Code0 in a NNENE (?) 20kts coming down.

Put waypoint at where ice is reported and decided not to go trough ice area but shortcut the corner a bit.

Happy with the stability of downwind and the absence of the slamming. Celebrated with Haribo Starmix and Twix. Yeeeeehhh!!

Watched a documentary about climbing K2 in Himalaya. Impressive. We prefer sea levell.

Now in my bunk with remote playing awa.

Floris & JanKees

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