Last 24 hours beating with double reef and staysail doing 8.5 sog. Wet, cold. No appetite. Not even for pancakes. Just when you need them. Now trough lighter area and winds waiting for the shift and northerlies ahead.

The NOAA icechart shows that our route goes trough areas where ice is reported. Besides that, NOAA says that “The international ice patrol is experiencing reduced iceberg reconnaisance. Please navigate with caution.” Ok!? And now what? I like ice only 3 scoops in a cornetto.

Iceberg is one thing. What about the growlers and the bergy bits? A submerged icecube (shaken not stirred) could rip of one of our rudders!?
In 2009 I put a mark on the southern most point where ice was reported and kept that mark starboard.

We’ll discuss a bot more and than decide.

Floris en JanKees

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