Quiet in there

So with the smallest sail setup, triple reefed main and stormjib, in stormforce winds at a brutal violent sea (9-11m) we sailed up to the centre of the low; the eye. Coming closer winds decreased and we could unreef step by step till full main and genoa. In the eye itself it was calm with 7-11/15 knots of wind. Even a calm sea. We had the main slamming. A very surreal experience. As if we had entered some secret room or so. It took us the whole night to cross. Waiting for this windshift signaling the other side of the low centre. And from there the wind picked up and so did Neptune. We are now coming down sailing at 12-14 kts over ground. Had coffee, bacon eggs and cheddar. Too wet to be outside. Floris teaching his daddy the ins and outs of routing. We miss Aapie and its boss!
With love from the Nord Atlantik.
Floris & JanKees

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