Extended menu

Wind and sea decreased over this morning. Our cook declared the extended menu available again. Eggs with bacon and Cheddar on top. ‘Fresh’ bread. Very nice relief brunch after two days with lesser appetite. Cappuccino and, ta ta ta ta tataaaaa, dessert: Haribo Starmix!
We are closing in on the top of the low and are positive about rounding on top. If the more miles pay out is to be seen in the coming days and weather system development.
We discussed the challenge it must have been for Chicester cum suis to do this type of sailing in their. boats and without the super sophisticated foul gear and instruments we have nowadays. Deep respect!
We threw Craigie (our watt&sea hydrogen) overboard on sunday afternoon and have the batteries not seen under 99%. It just charges.
In showers wind picks up to 30kts gusting and after the rain has passed decreases back to the 20’s before.
Seastate from very rough decreased to more moderate now. Good opportunity to clean up some mess and ‘take a shower’ Floris & JanKees

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