Fourty one

… species of whales live around the Acores. That is what I learned during my first visit in 2000. And at the whale research institute we visited in 2018 with the family. This morning we had one of these species just in front of us. Taking a deep breath, bend the back and dive. Beautiful.

Working our way trough a windless area which is frustrating. Swell makes the boat swing, wobble, dibble and dabble and sails slam. Wind forecasted in 2 to 3 hours. Reality outside is different from the gribs. 2 days and something left.

Wouter is longing for a huge burger, fries and coke.
I’longing for a steak, fries and beer.
Shower first.

Wouter & JanKees
41.59n 33.41w

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