Acores here we come

Too rough the ride. High and higher speeds. We fell off waves regularly. From one reef and genoa to double reefed and staysail. Average over last 6 hours is 11,5 kts. Maybe not the fastest but definitely a more relaxed and (bit) more comfortable course. Not a race although I miss GeertjeMarije and Alou. Less than 1.500nm to go. If we can keep up the average we do 250nm p day.

Switched Raymarine off and on to get rid of an annoying alarm showing no gps data. Seems to have worked. Fingers crossed. Although it has no effect on the autopilot an audible alarm can drive you crazy. I asked wouter to hide the hammer.

Good sleep last night. Seven hours with only 5 min breaks every one hour. Bunks are too hot. Only in our underpants on top of the sleeping bag.

Breakfast with…..eggs, bacon, cheddar. Coffee. Hot chocolate.

Beautiful birds come by.
Wouter doing some maintenance.
Hydrogen keeps batteries at 99%. We’ll do two transat’s close to zero co2 emission. 💪⛵️

Ocean is 5.279 metres deep.

From deep blue with love,

Wouter & JanKees

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