Caran d’ache

…….. ocean is 4.215 metres deep. As blue as the marin blue-est pencil in your caran d’ache (I mean the one with Matterhorn on it) pencil box. Too hot in the bright yellow sun under blue sky. We are in our underpants. And t-shirt to prevent becoming a burger. In the warm gulfstream.

Lots of Dolphins again last night and a big fish sort of thing we couldn’t recognize. Came to the surface and only partly out of the water couple of times. Not too high and had two fins that looked like sort elbows. For sure no Dolphin. Too small we think for a Whale. Turtle?

Very little winds during the night kept us at work. Now doing a reasonable 8.5 sog again. Weatherforecast shows more carrying winds for the coming days.

Launched Wouter’s drone and made nice footage and pictures.

In the boat even hotter. Pffft! 😥Big difference with the more northern route. 🥶

40.05.639n 65.49.249w

Egg, bacon, cheddar. Bananas, Nectarines. Cappucino, chocolate (hot no cream)

Wouter & JanKees

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