From 50kts to zero. No wind, no puff, no nothing. Fighting to keep La Promesse going. Handsteering. 0.9 1.1 1.3 Spinnaker up. Spinnaker down and zero up. Zero down code5 up. Better. Flatter. 2.0 1.8 2.3
Floris yelling ‘I am not f…..ng sleeping before we do at least six kts again’ Back to 1.4 again. Mindf…ng.

This spot of light winds was predicted in gribfiles. Couldn’t avoid it. Routing helped define the right path but also predicted couple of ours 0-5 kts. Let’s hope that some little puff or tiny breeze kicks in when sun goes down.

Positive thing is that in the middle of this frustration we had a chance to dry somme gear and pillows on deck in a weak but warm sunshine. And we put al our sikaflex around the mastfood to hopefully stop leaking.

Now preparing warm meal. With canned fruit as ‘dessert for difficult moments’. This is one of them.

Floris & JanKees

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