re-Make-Up, ready for TWOSTAR

She is back again! La Promesse! NED7576. After a thorough full refit, facelift or let’s call it her re-Make-Up. Quite some work is done during the last six months; new rod rigging, forestay, deck repainted, bottom cleared, repaired and polished. Ancient board electricity replaced with the MasterVolt Lithium solution and a Watt&Sea hydrogen installed so we do not have to run good old Ruggerini for charging anymore. Green racing. Ruggi is overhauled completely and sounds like a melody.

All done by ShipSupport, Ronny (Nollet) and his crew, Nieuwpoort Belgium. Best kept secret in the world!

And a new set of sails of course. Cubenfiber main and genoa were from 2007 and worn out. Made me retire in RBI (2014) and after repairs in AZAB (2015) :-(. So, an new main, staysail, genoa and Code5 are made by Ian Wittevrongel and his crew of Wittevrongel Sails. Oh, and a storm jib which we never plan to use. Amazing! See the pictures an decide yourself.

And now, with all this good work done……we’re sailing again. And….the numbers are back and promising. Single reefed main, Code0 and 15kts apparent wind doing up to 15kts of boat speed. I will never get used to that.

She’s running again!

Ready for TWOSTAR 2022. My son Floris and I will participate and are looking forward to race together. Last time Floris visited Newport (RI) was in 2009 to congratulate his father with OSTAR line honours. He was seven years old. Great fun to do the double handed race together now he is twenty.

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