Steering Committee IMN:424408710 REF:461859

La Promesse

Seatalk network error is the last message your waiting for.
“Return the sender address unknown” did not work.
So were we handsteering and having a meeting to discuss alternatives. Everyone was present; Ernst Jan (first steer) and me (captain). We decided to press some plugs and cables while praying out loud. “Jesus Christ, Allah Ahkbar, Johan Cruijff”, we called th
em all. And guess what? We hadn’t spoken out his name yet and the seatalk signal came on again! Johan Cruijff! Logisch!

After this succes, the steering committee, also fully attended by two, has send out a clear message to all passengers on board to give all seatalk equipment a wide berth and treat with the deepest respect.

Making good progress. Peaked 20.9 knots. Lost 1 hour and some 10 nm yesterday trying to get Murphy and his law overboard.
The halyard from the karver hook had chaved (jesus, beginner!) trough its cover. we were very lucky that we could still release the hook without going up and down the mast in these conditions. But on the way down the cover stropped up and blocked. Hoist a l
little again and pull the cover off from the low end. It took us 40 minutes to get the bird caged down below.
Setting the first reef the lazy jack got stuck in one of the mainsail cars. And so on. Can’t tell everything or I’ll be picked up by heli. hahaha.

Now chasing the pack again. Feels a little bit handicapped but after some good sleep in racing spirits again. Ideal conditions for Class40 to max their speed and proof design differences. But the race is far from over yet!
The bottle is ours!

JK & EJ (aka all committees on board)

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