Innovation IMN:424408710 REF:268606

La Promesse
48.29N 008.10W
SOG 8.6 COG 256

The Rhumbline is dead downwind.
Fast boats that can fly a spinnaker or asym spinnaker with the large tops are in favour. Like Croix du Sud and Hayai as well as Cariberia that sail deeper at same speed.
We don’t have such spinnaker but only gennakers that require larger angles and with this wind is just don’t make up. (is this english? I’m sure you’ll understand).

We’re waiting for the wind to come so we can pull the throttle and see if we can close in. With some 1.000nm to go there are a lot of possible scenarios…

Reasonable start yesterday. Windy, 1 reef and genoa.
Pasta Bolognaise for dinner. Bacon, egg, toast this morning. Sun is burning. Both EJ and I had more than enough sleep.

25kts or more from east is welcome.

Cheers JanKees

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