Tough get’s going IMN:424408710 REF:172401

Time out.
Headsail down and continue under double reefed main.
Slamming of the boat too violent. Apparent wind on deck between 36 and 45 kts in a rough sea.
Still doing 6 knots over ground (!) in a WNW direction to pick up westerly and NW winds sooner. Another day without progress is annoying for raceresults 😦

These conditions are a serious test for sailor and gear.
Good watertight and waterproof foulgear is a must as is a pair of real waterproof boots with good grip. We have seen some torrential rain the last couple of hours.Comfortable safety belt that hooks in and out easily.

Bart and I discussed the question ‘why are we doing this voluntarily?’ a couple of times. And the answer is that we love it. We’re always happy out here at sea, in our element. Whatever conditions. It is that passion from where the motivation comes to conti nue and everytime again leave harbour and chase the horizon.
We keep the discipline to make fresh tea every watch and make sure we eat and drink a little. And get enough rest.

All well on board. Daylight just arrived. Now we have a better view of mother nature in a grimmy mood. Someone really pissed off Neptune! Anxious to know how we are doing.

from 59.15N 6.46W with love,

JanKees & Bart

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