And the proof is… IMN:424408710 REF:775103

…. in rounding Muggle F(l)ugga.
After such a flying start and run towards Peterhead in 48 hrs the 150nm beating upwind towards Lamba Ness and Muckle Flugga is testing morae. Boat just tacked without any order to do so.
As I was getting ready for keeping watch.
And so ruined myy fresh made coffee.
As to mention an example.
Wind is much less but a confused sea is till in place which makes sleeping difficult. BANG!
Nonetheless, we are sailing in beautiful waters. Clear sky with clear moonlight. And rains of falling stars.

Had a large group of fifteen or so Dolphins playing around the boat yesterday afternoon.
Intelligent animals. I’m sure that when they come up alongside the cockpit they see you and at least hear my whistle. They lasted for more than half an hour. Swimming ahead of the boat, underneath, staboard, jump, underneath, port, jump. As if they were wav
ing. If we were not in a race, I would have jumped in and joined them for the game!

with laughter from 60nm SE off Fair Isle,

Bart (Zzzzzt) & JanKees
La Promesse

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